Do I Need to Sign a Waiver before I can Participate in an Activity?

Yes, each guest participating in an activity will need to sign a liability waiver for Xdrenaline. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must fill the waiver out for you, but they are not required to be at the park after the waiver is completed or on future visits. Waivers may be completed online here, or inside the X-drenaline lobby.

If I Completed a Waiver before, Do I need to do it the next time?

Yes and No. Waivers are valid for 1 year from the date it was completed. A new waiver will need to be completed each year for each participant.

What if a child under 18 comes without a parent?

Every participant under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. If they arrive without one they will not be able to participate. Parents can submit the waiver online here. We suggest parents complete a waiver online prior to their visit.

Can siblings, aunts, uncles, or grandparents sign a waiver for a minor?

No, only a legal parent or guardian can sign for someone under 18. Remember, this is a legal document.

Is Alcohol allowed in the park?

No alcohol is allowed in the park.


Are Reservations Required?

No, but it is recommended you book your activity online prior to arrival. A reservation will ensure that you will have a time for your activity. Please arrive 15-30 minutes PRIOR to your booked activity time. Walk-in availability is not guaranteed.

What is your Cancellation Policy for Jump times or Other Activities?

Sorry, no refunds are given for jump times or other activities that are booked. All sales are final.

Do Parents need to stay while my kids Jump?

We ask that kids under the age of 12 please be accompanied by parents while visiting.

Can I wear my own socks to Jump?

No, Xdrenaline has designed and branded special trampoline socks to enhance your grip on the trampolines and are required. We will, however, trade you for a competitor's sock.

Is there an Age Limit?

No, however we do not cater to younger people (under age 4) during normal operating hours. We reserve the right to choose to not allow a younger person access to certain areas for safety reason based on occupancy. We offer Toddler Take Over on special days for children under the age of 5 and their parents only, a much more appropriate time for our young friends.


Do you have Lockers?

Yes, we do have lockers available for rent to place your belonging in while you participate in your activity. You must empty your pockets of cell phones, iPods, keys and any other items that may cause injury, become lost or cause damage to the trampolines.



Do you assist with the Party?

Yes! We will assign you with your own Party Host for the duration of your party. Your Party Host will ensure the party runs smoothly.

Do you offer group rates?

We host many types of group parties, school parties, scouting, church groups, youth sports teams, corporate events and team building activities. Please contact our event staff for event prices or email us at events@X-drenaline.com.

Can I Rent Xdrenaline for a Lock In?

Yes, you can rent out the park for an overnight lock-in... kids love it! Great for school functions, scouting, church groups or high school senior nights. Special packages are available upon request. Please contact our event staff for event prices or email us at events@X-drenaline.com.

Can I Rent Xdrenaline for Private Party?

Yes, you can rent for exclusive events. Times are limited based on operating hours. Please contact our event staff for event prices or email us at events@X-drenaline.com.