Xdrenaline is designed as an ACTIVE Family Fun facility. Please make yourself, and any minors with you, familiar with all the rules of the activities prior to participating. Safety Monitors will help ensure all guests are following the rules for each attraction.

Guests are required to complete a valid waiver prior to participating in any of our attractions. Minors must have a waiver completed by a parent or legal guardian. Waivers are valid one year from the original date of issue.


  • No climbing on rock walls without a Safety Monitor present

  • No sharp objects (spikes, large earring, long jewelry, go pros, etc) on the trampoline court

  • No hard/fiberglass casts allowed on trampoline courts

  • One guest per trampoline square

  • Parents and children must jump in separate squares

  • Children may not be held in a parent's arms on the trampoline court

  • No sitting anywhere on a trampoline court or pads

  • No jumping on trampolines without a Safety Monitor present

  • No Double Bouncing on trampolines

  • No jumping, sitting or standing on padded areas

  • No wrestling, racing, shoving, tackling, rough-housing, etc.

  • No balls or other objects on the main court

  • No touching or leaning on nets

  • No food allowed on platform or courts

  • Nothing in pockets while jumping (phones, keys, etc)

  • No shoes allowed on the trampoline courts, Xdrenaline trampoline socks must be worn at all times

  • No backflips at foam pit

  • No head first jumps into foam pit

  • Participate at your own risk

  • Not responsible for lost or stolen items

  • Not responsible for children left unattended

Note: Failure to follow these rules or others directions set forth by the Safety Monitors or other staff can result in the loss of privileges.