Ninja Obstacle Course

The Ninja Obstacle Course requires a certain level of athletic ability. Not all guests will be able to surmount the first obstacle, the Warped Wall (the shortest guest height is approximately 4'", though shorter guests have made it up and taller guests have not made it up). Each guest will have 3 attempts per run to surmount the Warped Wall. Guests who are unsuccessful at the Warped Wall may not move forward on the Ninja Course. At the top of the Warped Wall (which is 10 foot tall) is a "Fire Pole" to slide down in order to proceed to the next obstacle, approximately 10% of guests have found it fearful to slide down the pole. Please be aware of this prior to attempting the Ninja Obstacle Course.

WEAR TENNIS SHOES - closed toed shoes are required for the Rock Wall and Ninja Obstacle Course.